Planned Giving

St. Christopher’s Foundation and Capital Funds

By planning a gift to the Church, you ensure the continued vitality of the ministry at St. Christopher’s. St. Christopher’s Foundation and Capital Funds will help position the church to be able to meet the exciting times ahead with confidence. New challenges and opportunities are always emerging, and gifts to these funds allow the Church the flexibility to allocate donations where they are needed most.

What is Planned Giving?
A planned gift is your opportunity to provide a financial legacy to the Church while still providing for those you love. Planned Giving, through present and deferred gifts, is a way of expressing how you wish your resources to be used now and in the future. Your gift can be in the form of a bequest, a gift annuity, a life insurance policy, real estate or any other financial instrument which suits your needs.

The St. Christopher’s Foundation provides an opportunity to fund innovative ministry projects and to meet ongoing community needs through the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. This fund creates a legacy and provides us with the flexibility to respond to opportunities and touch lives within and beyond the Church family.

Capital Fund
At St. Christopher’s, our parish centre is the base that allows us to reach out into the community and meet our worship and service needs. A gift to the Capital Fund would be used to sustain and enhance the facility into the future. Our regular givings can then be used to fully support ministry programs. Gifts to both the Foundation and the Capital Fund are invested through the Diocese and the capital and interest can be used at the discretion of the Corporation.

Gifts for Today
A gift of cash or securities is a simple way to make an immediate difference.

Gifts for Tomorrow

Charitable Bequest
Remembering the church in your will makes a strong and simple statement of faith and stewardship. You can amend your will as personal circumstances change. 

Gift Plus Annuity
This form of gift is an arrangement under which you can transfer a certain sum to St. Christopher’s in exchange for fixed, guaranteed payments for life or for a specified number of years. 

Gift of Life Insurance
Tax benefits can accrue from naming the Church as the beneficiary on an insurance policy. This allows you to make a significant capital gift – with only a modest, yearly contribution. 

Gift of Residual Interest
Donating your residence or other asset, but retaining the right to use it during your lifetime, generates immediate tax benefits. 

Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable remainder trust is an effective way to provide you with an income for life and know that after your lifetime, the property remaining in the trust will be used by the Church. 

Resources are available through the Church to work with you and help guide you through the Planned Gift process. Along with your financial and legal advisors, we can assist you with ensuring your own care, and that of your loved ones, remain at the heart of your decision making. A professional can guide you to the best income tax advantages for your estate, and can effectively help you do the most for your heirs. 

For further information please contact the Parish Administrator, or the Rector, or the Planned Giving Representative.


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