Music & Arts

From Sunday services to special events to ministry beyond our walls, music and the performing arts play a central role in the life of St. Christopher’s. Please contact the Music Director, Andy Elmhirst, if you would like to know more.


Our primary purpose is to enrich worship at St. Christopher’s. We do this by leading congregational song and performing anthems at the 9:30 am Sunday service, various evening services throughout the year and special performances at Christmas and Easter. Our four‑part choir sings repertoire that spans centuries, continents and genres with spirit, care and excellence, accompanied by the organ, piano and guitar group. They also sing a significant amount of unaccompanied music.


St. Christopher’s uses the dramatic arts to cast new light on the scripture. Anyone interested in acting, writing, prop design, sound or lighting is welcome to take part. Drama is an important part of our Carol Service and Easter Vigil service, as well as occasional Sunday mornings through the year.

Youth Choir

Our youth choir is for anyone aged 8‑14 who enjoys singing and music. During rehearsal they learn music theory, vocal techniques, aural skills and, of course, songs. The youth choir participates in the 9:30 am Sunday service once a month as well as extra performances at Christmas, Easter and retirement homes. Confirmation of the rehearsal is in the Sunday Announcements.

11:30 Band

The band plays at the 11:30 am Sunday service. Like all St. Christopher’s music and performing arts groups, they can also be found at other special services throughout the year. The band is composed of capable musicians including a bassist, guitarists, keyboardist, drummer and singers. They play a thought-provoking blend of jazz, pop, rock, Christian rock, folk and contemporary hymn arrangements.

Liturgical Dance

Liturgical Dance adds energy, spectacle and meaning to our worship. It is one of St. Christopher’s most unique ministries. The program is led by experienced dancers who create and teach original choreography to young people ages 6 and up. The liturgical dancers are known for their polished performances, beautiful costumes and creative interpretations. They can be seen at the Carol Service and Easter Vigil service, as well as a number of Sunday morning services through the year.

Guitar Group

The guitar group is composed of guitarists and other instrumentalists who play during the 9:30 am Sunday service. Basic knowledge of guitar chords is useful, but this can be a great place to hone your skills.