Eat With Us

All of our regular Open Doors programs are currently suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak

We are working with other food providers in the Burlington community to safely continue the distribution of food to vulnerable people in the Burlington community in a rapidly changing environment. Please watch this space for details as plans unfold and know that we are working hard to participate in ways that provide the most people with safe access to food during the coming weeks.

Please follow click this link to learn more about how you can continue to support the work of our Food Bank.

Breakfast Hash

Staff at Open Doors have decided to create some “alternative to COVID-19” social media pieces to keep all of us connected and engaged. This week you will be able to find Amanda’s culinary skills at work with a demo of her favourite brunch recipe! Click below for the recipe.

Community Dinner

Recognizing a need in our community to provide a balanced, nutritious meal in a community setting, we offer our community dinners for all to enjoy. The dinners provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy some fellowship, connect with others, and to fill bellies and hearts.

Dinner is free but we do appreciate a pay-what-you-can donation to help support our efforts of bringing the community a hot, nutritious meal.

Community Lunch

As with the community dinners, we recognized the need, not only for well-balanced and nutritious meals, but also the need for the opportunity to eat in community, particularly for people living alone. The lunch is free of charge, though a pay-what-you-can donation is always appreciated.

The lunches are open to all but are combined with programming with a significant focus on the needs and interests of seniors.


We always welcome new volunteers. Opportunities to volunteer with our Community Meals include prepare meals, set up tables, serve, and clean up afterwards.

Please contact us today to help.