Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals


In baptism, we welcome new members into the community of faith. People of any age may be baptized in the Anglican Church.

At baptism, the candidates (or their parents and godparents) make promises to continue to follow the way of Christ. The congregation then promises to support the baptized individual in this new way of life.

Baptism is usually part of the regular worship service on one of four special days in the Church year. Baptisms often take place in early January (on the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord), Easter, May or June (on the Feast of Pentecost) and the first Sunday in November (for the Feast of All Saints). Other dates may be arranged. For more information, contact the church office.


In marriage, two people give themselves to each other, to care for each other in good times and bad. They are linked to each other’s families. A wedding is an opportunity to gather with friends and family in a worship service designed to celebrate this commitment and ask God’s blessing upon it.

Those interested in being married at St. Christopher’s may want to visit the church on a Sunday morning to experience the church, its music and worship to help them decide what might be right for them. For more information about being married at St. Christopher’s, please contact the church office.


The loss of a loved one is both painful and difficult. It brings not only grief, but also the need to make sudden, complicated, and far-reaching decisions. This places a great deal of stress and strain on those responsible for making the arrangements.  

We want you to know that the clergy and staff of St. Christopher’s will work with you and will do everything we can to help you make the appropriate decisions as you plan the details for the memorial of your loved one. Our guiding premise will be – as it says in the Book of Alternative Services – to allow for the expression of the grief of the mourners within the context of the Easter hope.

A variety of options are available for the service itself, including liturgies from the Book of Common Prayer, the Book of Alternative Services, and a special liturgy created at St. Christopher’s. In addition, some members of the parish may have prepared their own liturgy and prayers and have them on file at the church. If you would like to arrange for the funeral of a loved one, please call the church office.